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   Finally! The Secret to Transform Your Relationship -- Honest Guidance Straight from The Wizard of Love Herself

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Dear fellow relationship builder

If you are serious about changing your relationship into a wonderful, happy, loving, caring, nurturing, fun, playful, joyful, passionate one…where you can rekindle the magic and make love work…then this might be the most important letter you will ever read.

Please Do Not Read Any Further…

Please do not read any further if you are not serious about taking the necessary steps to change your relationship.

Here’s Why You Want This Book:

This is the only book that focuses on The Law of Attraction within relationships. In fact this Book is your personal self-help Guide that will make the process of transforming your relationship to its highest potential, the best investment for your relationship and in personal development you have made.

Time passes and people change. With each turn of the wheel of life we can feel both great excitement and great loss.

Anita Jackson - Barnet Relationship CounsellorWhy Am I Saying This?

My story starts with personal loss…sexual abuse, divorce after 17 years, children leaving, feeling suicidal…and demonstrates how, with perseverance and willingness to risk, you can recover from your life experiences and find happiness again. You too can move from sadness, pain and/or anger into joy.

My commitment to listening and communicating honestly and fearlessly to form strong, lasting relationships is the centrepiece of my approach.

Along The Way…

I have helped and guided many clients to transform their relationships.  If their relationship is already over, clients discover what they really want in a relationship and their role in a future relationship.

By taking responsibility and loving yourself more you will attract more.


Three Reasons Why You Should Believe What I Say…

Reason one: I am a teacher and coach as well as a counsellor/psychotherapist by profession and passion. This unique learning approach could only originate in the minds of those who understand what needs to be taught and how best to learn it.

“Rekindle The Magic In Your Relationship ~ Making Love Work” is an affirmation of your human ability to create an abundant life despite setbacks and circumstances and to feel that you deserve such abundance in your relationship.

Reason two: I have been there; I have been divorced and I have learnt what I could have done differently. As a coach and counsellor/psychotherapist I have helped others to learn what I know.

Like me, you will find that your biggest defence is your attitude … you must hold the mirror up to yourself, as I had to once … decide to take responsibility for your role in your relationship and life.

Reason three: Professionals and non-professionals globally have found my relationship message to be one of transformation…of oneself and one’s world. It touches on every aspect of relationships, from the physical and mental to the financial and spiritual. Who else to help you Rekindle The Magic In Your Relationship than a teacher/coach/counsellor, who loves guiding, to be the voice for what is possible for you?

In the time that I have known and worked with Anita Jackson, one thing has become very clear:  her deep commitment to learning, growing and being the best she can be in all that she does.  In this book, Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship:  Making Love Work, Anita is inspiring and empowering others to follow her lead and be the best they can be!
This book is a living testament to who Anita is and the way in which she has not only supported her clients to seek out and expect better relationships in their lives, but also of her own personal journey of marriage that she willingly and passionately shares with others to help set them on a better path of their own journey…

…In this powerful book, Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship:  Making Love Work, Anita reaffirms the power of imaging and changing your thinking as it relates to your relationships.  By imaging and thinking of your relationship in a new way and painting a clear picture of exactly what you want … and focusing on what you want, you will ultimately attract what you want.  Believe it or not, most people focus on what they don’t want … they focus on the bad relationship, the things the other person isn’t doing … and the list goes on.  Anita offers a fresh perspective for those who are willing to take heed and create the relationship of their dreams.
Awareness of the role we play in a given relationship allows us to take that relationship to a higher level … we begin to view it differently and thereby respond to situations that arise as opposed to reacting to what life sends our way.  In a gentle and kind way, Anita shares her wisdom on seeing only the good in our loved ones and creating an environment that allows them to fulfil this “new” role more and more. This book offers practical tips for people to think differently about their relationships in a more loving and positive way and also gives the reader some simple action steps they may use to take their relationship to the next level.
-- Bob Proctor, Author of the best-selling book You Were Born Rich

Here is what you will discover in
“Rekindle The Magic In Your Relationship ~ Making Love work”

Create Awareness of Your Relationships

  • You will know how to become more aware of yourself and your loved one
  • You will learn that you and your loved one are miracles and unique
  • You will know the importance of smiling more
  • You will understand how to become more intuitive


Explore Relationship Honesty and Trust

  • You will find out what you want and how to have the relationship you want
  • You will find out who you truly are and how you can be in your relationship
  • You will see how you are important and powerful in your relationship


Giving and Receiving in Realtionships

  • You will know how to give and receive well to yourself and loved one
  • You will understand how to stay present and not withdraw or withhold
  • You will learn how to be a role model for your loved one and others


Communicate Effectively in Your Relationships

  • You will learn effective communication…no “He said… She said…” and no blame
  • You will discover that saying “No” is important when staying true to yourself
  • You will discover how to change your attitude and take responsibility


Realise Your Self-Worth

  • You will discover how to feel more loved, loving, confident, important, worthy, happier
  • You will discover how to accept and love yourself for who you are
  • You will find out how to keep affirming how wonderful you are
  • You will see how to relax more


Realtionships and Feelings

  • You will learn how you must make the effort
  • You will understand how important it is to praise your loved one
  • You will learn how friendship is important


Making Love Realtionships Fun Again

  • You will find out more ideas of how to make love work
  • You will learn how to include fun and playfulness in your relationship
  • You will discover how to mimic wonderful relationships


Discover How Your Past Affects Relationships

  • You will learn how to let go of past relationships
  • You will see how to change old patterns and live in harmony
  • You will know there is always an opposite feeling, thought or action you can take


Find Satisfaction and Feel Gratitude For Your Abundance

  • You will understand that you must be grateful for the good things
  • You will find that as you change, you give your loved one permission to do the same
  • You will understand how you can enjoy your relationship and life more


Understand the Full Impact of Your Relationship

  • You will know what to do next
  • You will see how to think more positively and lovingly and be perceived so
  • You will find out that you have all the resources you need to transform your relationship



Now, you're probably wondering how I can do all this.

Let me explain.

I believe everyone has the resources they need to create a wonderful loving and intimate relationship. I can help to bring these out.

Can You Picture This?

Imagine the love, happiness and pride you will feel when you have created the relationship you want. Think of the benefits you will receive and can offer to your loved one and others. You can make a difference in your loved one’s life and the lives of so many people.

“Rekindle The Magic In Your Relationship ~ Making Love Work” focuses on the process and the "how-to's" of transforming your relationship

The Three Advantages of my book,
“Rekindle The Magic In Your Relationship! Making Love Work”


The three main features this book is carrying to the forefront of relationship books are:

  • A reference book for relationships…everything you need in one book
  • Packed with information…exercises, ideas, quotes, affirmations to use
  • Examples…my story, clients’ successes, and more to avoid or copy


Still in Doubt? Consider this…

Imagine in 10 years’ time that your relationship is how you would really want it to be…notice how you feel as you imagine this….is this what you want? What did you do differently?

Now imagine in 10 years’ time that your relationship is still the same…notice how you feel as you imagine this…is this what you want? What could you have done differently?

Don't take my word for it. Listen to what others say:

Anita Jackson has an unusual wisdom that changes lives!  Listen to everything she has to say.  Her strategies on building healthy relationships are essential if you are ready to experience the love you deserve!

-- Nathaneal Mohr, Expert Marketing Strategist, Cocoa Beach Fl

This book has not only helped me see my marriage differently, it has changed the way I see all my relationships.

-- Vivien Clere Green, author of Wellness – Our Birthright

Brilliant! An inspiring piece of writing, guaranteed to get you out of that rut and rethink your relationship. Full of ideas to set your relationship back on track.

--Dr Anil Agarwal, author of Solutions for your Healthy Smile

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Rekindle the MagicThis book is about making your dream come true! It is about making your personal responsibilities, needs, desires, goals and dreams into realities through the processes laid out in the book.

This book has been rated by those professionals and ordinary people in relationships.

Relationships are important to everyone around the world.

Now let me speak to you about the possibility of growth, of reward, and of a secure and loving relationship with the person who matters most.

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Bonus #3:  A Self-Acceptance Form that empowers you to accept yourself as you are right now, to affirm your good points and how well you’ve done, to remind you of your values, to pinpoint your fear, what you want and to set the intention for change. I did this form based on my life and not my relationship (you can do both) and went from being terrified of being seen and heard to being an inspirational and motivational speaker.

Bonus #4:  Weekly Relationship Help and Hot Tips that compel you to focus on how you can make your relationship and daily life fun and fulfilling.

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Really, How Do You Put a Price on Your Relationship and Personal Development?

How do you put a price on happiness and joy? How do you measure the pay-off of becoming a loving couple? How do you equate the feeling of making a difference in your life and those of your loved one and others? How much is this worth? Rekindle the magic in your relationship – make love work and see for yourself how your relationship can transform.

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To Your Success

Anita Jackson

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