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Anita Jackson was featured in the Barnet and Whetstone Press on Thursday November 15th 2007. Read the entire article here:

By Clare Hardy

An author and counsellor is using her own experiences to help people atke a new approach to their relationships. Anita Jackson, of Falkland Road Barnet, writesas about loving yourself and taking responisibility for a relationship in her new book, Rekindle the Magic In Your Relationship. She argues that people are too quick to blame other people in relationships and do not take responsibility for their own behavior, and believes she has hit upon a novel approach. "I haven't heard of any other relationship books or anyone else with this approach" she said. Anita's own relationship was affected by the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. "The deeply buried experience of abuse came out as anger, and I was unaware of how powerful the anger was" she said. "I have realized that you can't take your past relationships into your current ones. So far I have only been able to reach people I have given talks to, or individual people in counselling, but hopefully now more people will have access to my way of thinking." Anita added.

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Anita Jackson appears on the Justin Dealey and Jane Killick. BBC Radio Show - Friday June 29th.
Justin and Jane ask Anita questions about rekindling romance!


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"In search of the good wife", as featured in the Times of London

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Review by Monika

In this book Anita looks at relationships from various perspectives, not simply the relationship itself. It includes meditation segments focusing on feelings and being more than just a physical body.

Another interesting area which we tend maybe not to think about so much is change. In it's many forms it can play havoc in your life if you are not prepared to let things go, in order to make space in your life for the new. Which effectively for some may equate to commitment issues.

As humans we are generally not well versed at seeing things through another persons eyes, so basically not standing in someone elses shoes.

There are also times in a relationship when you must agree to disagree, even if you think you're right, otherwise you may cause an unnecessary degree of anger and frustration. So as Anita writes, it is important to know each others needs and wants, the criteria and expectations each partner has of the relationship so-to-speak.

You need to be aware of each others differences. Awareness really is key in making any relationship work, because without it, you can end up not taking responsibility and blaming your partner. Which of course over time will have an adverse effect for both partners and will cause further drifting rather than a closer bond.

Anita also talks about the valuable tool of envisioning. Envisioning how you would like your relationship to be. Often times you are more able to express what it is that you don't want which indirectly creates more of what you don't want, rather than that which you desire, this is why it's imperative to focus on what you do want. It's just a question of an opposite statement - simply put.

The more you begin to make improvements the easier they become, and you realise that you can make them both faster and more effortlessly, than you may have initially thought.

Your present beliefs and experiences allow you to be who you are so by opening up to more possibilities, you automatically create new opportunities of which improvements are a by product. This can be achieved through modelling others who already have what you would like for yourself.

Gratitude is another area Anita discusses and it is a vital part of life, and it is part of the process of giving and recieving. What is interesting, is that you can be good at one and not the other, and usually it is the latter we have a challenge with. It is generally easier to give than it is to recieve gratiously, but it leaves no pleasure for the giver if the reciever is unable to gratiously accept.

I could extend my thoughts on this lovely book which is well written and nicely presented. The cost for some may be a little more than the average book, my comment is, how much do you value your relationship. If this is a book that could help you, because you want to have a better relationship, then i know it will prove to be valuable.

Review by Nitzan Marinov

“This book is different from other books about relationships, in many respects. It doesn’t only describe love, it is actually written out of love with the intention of sending it out to the world with love.

It is also a guide to relationships and love which uses simple and practical advice to show us how it is possible to increase love in our lives.

Anita weaves in her stories about her own relationships in a way that shows us that it is possible to bring love in our lives and intensify it. She demonstrates how she, who started out under very difficult circumstances, transformed her own life and turned it around by learning and teaching others about love and relationships. She actually walks her talk!

If I had to describe this book in one sentence, I would say: "Anita wrote a book that will show you how to increase love in your life, and wouldn’t we all want that?’”

Review by Jenny Itzcovitz, Sixtyplusurfers Online Magazine

During celebrations such as Valentine's Day, couples can often feel the pressures of the season building up between them. Often their relationship is tested at this time, and any small issues between them can escalate into serious trouble.

But it doesn't have to be like this. The secret is in Anita Jackson's new book, Rekindle The Magic In Your Relationship - Making Love Work. This relationship expert gives a unique perspective on increasing love and intimacy with loved ones.

The book offers the perfect guide for couples wanting to steer their relationship, rather than leaving love to chance. It uses simple and practical advice and shows how it is possible to increase love by taking the right steps. Unlike many relationship books, this one not only describes love, but has been written out of love.

Anita Jackson weaves in stories about her relationships and demonstrates how it is possible to bring love into couples' lives and intensify it. She relays how, under very difficult circumstances, she transformed her own life and turned it around by learning and teaching others about love and relationships. She walks her talk.

Anita raises some very important issues in the book. "Differences are always going to be there in a loving relationship and we need to be aware of that," she reveals. "It is wonderful to have opinions, but it is not right to force our opinions on our loved one. We must stay true to ourselves and not try to make our loved one into someone like us."

The book is also packed with plenty of tips to revitalise your marriage. "Dancing is a wonderful exercise for the soul as well as the body," says Anita. "I know of one couple who, in their home, had the floor of one of their rooms super-sprung for dancing, and I understand that they dance together most nights for a couple of hours."

Anita also points out that, "Massage, healing and other similar disciplines can enable the body to heal or feel reenergised and are wonderful ways to love and give your body."

Rekindle the Magic In Your Relationship - Making Love Work is the perfect book for those who want to revitalise their marriage, or facing problems in their relationships and want to rekindle the spark of when they first met.

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Letter from the Editor, Dee Burke

Time passes and people change. We lose people we love and we find others to love, and with each turn of the wheel of life we can feel both great excitement and great loss.

Anita Jackson's new book was inspired by personal loss…abuse and divorce…as well as her daughter, clients, good friends and new relationships. Her story of perseverance and willingness to risk can help others recover from similar life experiences and find happiness again.

"I wrote this book because I wanted to share with others, to empower others and to inspire others … to see how they can move from sadness into joy," Ms. Jackson explained. Her book is an affirmation of the human ability to create abundant lives despite setbacks and circumstances, and to feel that we deserve such abundance.

Ms. Jackson feels inspired by people taking responsibility for their lives and making a positive contribution through doing what they love. Her commitment to listening and communicating honestly and fearlessly to form strong, lasting relationships is the centerpiece of her approach.

Her message is one of transformation - of oneself and one's world. Her message touches on every aspect of life, from the physical and mental to the financial and spiritual. In her words, she wants to "be a voice for what is possible to millions of people."

Loss in life is certainly possible, as Anita Jackson found. Now let her speak to you about the possibility of growth, of reward, and of secure and loving relationships with the people who matter most.

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