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About Anita

Anita Jackson

Anita has built an enviable reputation through her commitment to helping people fulfil their potential.

Because of her own experiences, beliefs and gratitude

Anita wants to help others in the way she was helped.

Anita says, "Everybody is a unique miracle, and is capable of achieving anything they want to. I feel that it is my moral obligation to share with others something that I have derived great benefit from." It was this sentiment that led Anita to form her own company in 1997, Sparkling Oasis, which now provides a number of unique and powerful services to individuals and groups, both personally and in the corporate world. A key area of her expertise is in counselling and imagery but Anita's skills in clairvoyance and healing follow close behind and are what make her so unique in the alternative world. Anita also draws on these skills and her life experience as an impressive, inspirational, empowering, motivational and spiritual public speaker and workshop leader. She is passionate about passing on what she has learned from her own life and what she has observed in others.

Anita believes that for a relationship to work, we must have a good enough relationship with ourselves.

Sexual abuse marred her early relationships, the result of which Anita took into her 17-year marriage with her husband who brought his own life experiences. Having been a very shy teenager who threw herself into sport, music, dancing and a church group, Anita avoided her hurt and painful feelings as a result of her husband's infidelity by defending them with rage she had kept hidden all those years. Anita was reacting to her present situation like a child rather than responding as an adult. Her husband left the marriage when their children were three and five. Slowly she started to look at herself and her life and gradually started to change but not without scaring her children into living with their father at 12 and 14.

When Anita first came across the fact that she was 100% responsible for her life she learned that she is the person she is today because of her experiences in the past.

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