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Queen Elizabeth II

From the office of HRM Queen Elizabeth II

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Dear Mrs. Jackson,

The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter of 18th March enclosing a copy of your new book Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship - Making Love Work, and I apologise for the delay in replying. Due to the high volume of mail received in recent weeks, correspondence has been dealt with in strict date order.

Her Majesty was grateful for your kind invitation to attend the launch of your book on 28th March at 5pm at the Renaissance Hotel, Chancery Court, London. However, as the Queen's programme is arranged many months in advance and had already been finalised for that time, it would not have been possible for Her Majesty to accept.

I am sorry to send you a disappointing reply, but I hope the evening was a successful and enjoyable occasion for all who took part in it.

The Queen was interested to read about the reasons behind the writing of your book and thought it kind of you to send her a copy as a gift.







Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Sonia Bonici
Senior Correspondence Officer



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