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"In the very beginning, Anita says, “I am passionate about inspiring and empowering others to find their potential.”  This exact passion is what shines throughout this entire book. 

From the very first chapter, I discovered precious information that I could immediately apply.  Even better, while not promised, the results were immediate in my marital relationship.  This book is a gold mine of truth-nuggets essential to anyone who insists on protecting their relationship from the dismal negative statistics of separation and/or divorce.  Taking the time to dig out all these nuggets of gold will change your world.

Anita doesn’t just show, she tells – tells you how to achieve what she shows!  This book is written in a comfortable and conversational tone.  You can immediately perceive this is a person who cares about you and your understanding, as opposed to a scientific treatise you can’t even understand.  That creates the desire to read this book all the way through in one sitting to get what you need out of it immediately because you know it is in there!  You will visit this book again and again to renew and refresh your knowledge. 

I have revisited the first chapter many times as a refresher course to keep that magic kindled, not just in my relationship, but in loving and accepting myself.  You owe it to yourself not to just skim through this book, but plan to take it out and study it again and again so your relationship magic never dims!"

Nan Lloyd

Simon had an affair which his wife found out about and at the same time he revealed that he had been sexually abused as a child...

Without the counciling and the guidence from Anita I would not be the person I am now, I know this for sure. my weekly meets with Anita just made me realise what I had been through and has given me a better out look in life. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to do or even admit the abuse I had been through, but with the guidence and support from Anita week by week I grew stronger inside and began to realise what life was about and the most important thing'To love myself for who I am, not what I thought people want me to be'One year on and things have never been better I feel free and enjoy life with no secrets no lies and I have been given the gift of being able to express my emotions and understand them and question my actions and understand myself completely, even when things are bad. I could carry on for ages but end with just saying thank you, thank you for what our sessions have given me and inturn what I can now give and understand to my family and friends.

We had the best holiday ever and I really needed it, we all needed it.It has been a hard year but I still reflect on what has happened and the hard work and determination that has gone into me being here, still married to Katie and smiling every day :) :) :)

the two best things I did last year was telling Katie about the abuse and the 2nd was ringing your door bell!

Simon Levy

"...I found it both practical and philosophical, with interesting anecdotes and quotations from a range of sources. As it happened, I was reading Chapter four during a week when Sydney and I were not communicating well - we were both tired and grumpy. The paragraph on page 69 beginning "Be appreciative of your loved one......" made me consider that perhaps he felt taken for granted (as I'm sure we all do at times). As he generally cooks our evening meal during the week, this paragraph prompted me to I make a point of telling him how much I appreciate not only that he regularly prepares our main meal, but also that he relieves me of this task.

Although this is not the first time I have told him this, your sentence "I do not think we can give enough praise" proved to be true, as he immediately brightened up and the indifferent atmosphere hanging over us disappeared. So thank you for that "tip", Anita, and the many other wise words to be found in your book. I have and will continue to return to it from time to time to remind myself that the "little things" in relationships are sometimes bigger than we think."

-- Maria Artoon, Teacher

Anita interviews a client who discusses the work they have done together to remedy work-place stress and then build or rebuild confidence.

Anita interviews one of her clients about their experience together. In particluar they discuss the ways in which Anita has assisted with a client relationship with her son.

Hello Anita,

I would let you know that I'm going to use some of the poem at the front of your book for my sisters wedding speech in September. I thought it was really powerful - I don't which bits I'm going to use as yet ( I did like the last 2 lines ) & will fit it around their reading - so thankyou for your book from that perspective ;-) I also met a woman on Wednesday who swears by your book she said that it was what kept her sane & had a truly powerful impact on her life :-)"

Jenny Levers,
Managing Director, UK


"...Thank you Anita, I loved your book Rekindle the Magic. You write with a level of clarity and honesty that is both helpfull and refreshing. I've learned what it takes to make relationships work. (My wife thanks you as well !) "

Darrell Wingerak



"...just to let you know that I’m just under half way through your book. It is absolutely excellent so far and is giving me lots to think about with regard to my wife and children. I am sure that you are very proud of having got this book out."


"The book has an earnest nature that is hard to discount; clearly Jackson has been through a lot, seeing as she draws upon her experiences as an abused child and her broken marriage...The case studies are good and helpful, especially the appendix titled Can Childhood Experiences have an Effect on Adult Sexuality?..."

Poorna Shetty, Commissioning Editor of thelondonpaper

"I am sure that my discussions with you were extremely valuable and helped me greatly to clear feelings of the past, so that I was not carrying a load of negative emotion … But, thanks to you, I am now at peace about my family - I realise that my parents did their very best for me, and that all was done for my well-being, love and care… I feel that I can now go ahead in my own strengths, slowly and firmly … but I need to repeat my gratitude for all your patience, care, understanding and love."

Lilian (80)

"I want to thank you and say that I value and appreciate all your help… thank you for your work & skills that led me to feel safe to shed many packets of hurt & unresolved grief that had lived with me for many years. I feel that I have learned a new approach on how to deal with situations and issues that previously sent me into a negative downward spiral. I am so very glad and grateful for the increased confidence and reduced fear of feelings with which to face future problems and joys. I believe that the quality of my life & experiences have improved through my work with you."


"Locked doors to my head & heart, that were once dark, troubled & bleak are now rosy, bright & free."


"Thanks again for being such a wonderful healer and teaching me so much. It was such a pleasure and honour to work with you, and I greatly admire the work you do and the way you do it."


"Who doesn't agonize and shed many tears over their close relationships? You can literally kiss the fear and pain goodbye when you absorb Anita's soulful words of wisdom because you will forever know how to make love work for you."

Alexandra Watson Happiness Expert and Best-Selling author of 'The Happiness System for Women'

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