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Please Do Not Read Any Further…

Please do not read any further unless you are serious
about taking the necessary steps to change your relationship.


Why Am I Saying This?

My story starts with personal losssexual abuse, divorce after 17 years, children leaving, feeling suicidal…and demonstrates how, with perseverance and willingness to risk, you can recover from your life experiences and find happiness again. You too can move from sadness, pain and/or anger into joy.

My commitment to listening and communicating honestly and fearlessly to form strong, lasting relationships is the centrepiece of my approach.

Along The Way…

I have helped and guided many clients to transform their relationships. If their relationship is already over, clients discover what they really want in a relationship and their role in a future relationship.

By taking responsibility and loving yourself more you will attract more.

Four Reasons Why You Should Believe What I Say…


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Author of the best-selling book You Were Born Rich...

In the time that I have known and worked with Anita Jackson, one thing has become very clear: her deep commitment to learning, growing and being the best she can be in all that she does. In this book, Rekindle the Magic in Your Relationship: Making Love Work, Anita is inspiring and empowering others to follow her lead and be the best they can be!

Awareness of the role we play in a given relationship allows us to take that relationship to a higher level … we begin to view it differently and thereby respond to situations that arise as opposed to reacting to what life sends our way. In a gentle and kind way, Anita shares her wisdom on seeing only the good in our loved ones and creating an environment that allows them to fulfil this “new” role more and more.


Don't take my word for it:

Anita Jackson has an unusual wisdom that changes lives!

Listen to everything she has to say. Her strategies on building healthy relationships are essential if you are ready to experience the love you deserve!   --

Nathaneal Mohr, Expert Marketing Strategist, Cocoa Beach Fl

This audio series is about making your dream come true!






To Your Success

Anita Jackson




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